The Crazy Neighbor

A couple of months ago, @geekygirldawn started up a website called The Crazy Neighbor. I guess she has a few crazy neighbors. The format of the site is like many others out there — I Can Has Cheezburger, Picture Is Unrelated, GraphJam, and so on. Users submit photos and those pictures get posted.

While I cannot say that I have “crazy” neighbors, I do pass by a unique house on the way to a couple of restaurants and coffee shops. The house has a bunch of gargoyles and they also have some kind of classic video game thing going on. There are always a few, sometimes as many as a dozen, tarp-covered video game cabinets stowed in their side yard. Honestly, I would have thought you would need more than a tarp to protect a cabinet in Portland. They also have a moving van eternally parked out front. On the few occasions I have seen the back of the van open (never attended; there’s never anyone around at that house), there have been more game cabinets inside.

After a recent post to The Crazy Neighbor of a house with a single gargoyle, I thought I’d submit the video game gargoyle house:

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