Why, yes, I *am* that creepy horse in Google’s PDX street view

Google sent Thomas Hayden in to do the “interior street view” photography of Elemental Technologies last week.  Fortunately, I had a little bit of notice (unlike with the car-based street view photography) and was able to bring in the creepy horse head mask I got a couple of halloweens ago.

He came by and took photos during lunch.  That’s me in the red shirt.  You can’t see it, but I had chopsticks in hand, over a bowl of ramen.

Find the link here: http://nja.me/horse

If you look around the office, you can spot my desk.  It’s the one with the tea tins and rubber horse head mask.  He took that photo earlier, while I was at the food carts and nobody was wearing the mask.  Unfortunately, the angle and resolution isn’t quite right to see my laser-cut light-up nameplate.

Other things to spot (you’ll have to use the “1” and “2” buttons to traverse between floors)…

  • basketball signed by Muggsy Bogues
  • rubber chicken
  • Mini Me
  • the reflection of the photographer
  • a TableTop beer stein
  • an arcade game cabinet
  • a flying toaster and octopus
  • the Puzzled Pint logo
  • a pirate flag
  • Hello Kitty riding a pegasus
  • a NewTek TriCaster
  • Waldo (just kidding, there’s no Waldo)

The answers are in the comments.

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