ARG/Puzzle Tools: The Next Generation

When this post goes live, the new 1.5 version of my ARG Tools iPhone app should also be live.  What is ARG Tools, you ask?  It is a collection of tools and reference material for people who routinely solve puzzles: alternate reality games (ARGs), puzzle trails, The Game, and whatnot. The app (or, rather, my … Continue reading ARG/Puzzle Tools: The Next Generation


ARGfest (and the accompanying Dark Knight screening) is about a week away. I’d really like to be with the rest of you in Boston, but with the new house and budgets being what they are, Kim and I need to be up in Seattle at a bellydance event, not taking a second vacation. (As you … Continue reading ARGfest

You Suck At Photoshop 6

There’s a new You Suck at Photoshop, the Liquify tool. Unfortunately, I feel they’re getting a little less funny over time. There also seems to be some kind of game or Chaotic Fiction wrapped in with the videos (see also: this Unfiction thread for more detail.)