Why so serious?ARGfest (and the accompanying Dark Knight screening) is about a week away. I’d really like to be with the rest of you in Boston, but with the new house and budgets being what they are, Kim and I need to be up in Seattle at a bellydance event, not taking a second vacation. (As you might remember, we took our Christmas vacation in February due to house closing and moving in December.) Have you seen the price of cross-country plane tickets these days?!

With that being said, I thought I would remind people of last year’s ARGfest Buzzword Bingo.

Buzzword Bingo

I thought I would also point you to something I made on a whim for this year: Unfiction Member Bingo. It takes the top 100 posters (from when I ran my import scripts back in February, but I bet that while the numbers are larger, the rankings themselves haven’t changed much) and places them on bingo cards. Why? What are the rules? I don’t know. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out fun uses for the cards.

Unfiction Member Bingo

Have fun, folks! I’ll be with you in spirit!

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