How to locate historic photos of Portland

A few years ago I made a blog post, The Neighborhood Then and Now comparing historic images of Portland street scenes with similar modern-day images. ¬†In that post, I linked to my source, Efiles. ¬†Efiles is a City of Portland website with a database of historic records — photos, documents, recordings, maps, and other things … Continue reading How to locate historic photos of Portland

$500K south of the volcano

Every once in a while, it occurs to me that I live about a mile south of a volcano. Or, as a neighbor says, at least half-a-million-dollars south of the volcano. Housing prices up there can get crazy because Mt. Tabor is a rather nice park. Fortunately for housing prices and my own personal safety, … Continue reading $500K south of the volcano

The neighborhood, then and now

I am not sure what prompted me, but I thought I’d look for historic photos of the neighborhood in the Portland Archives. Unfortunately, the full archives are only open 10-4 M-F, which are hours that do not work for me. Fortunately, they have a subset of their material online as something called Efiles. I was … Continue reading The neighborhood, then and now