Foster Road Summit recap

About a month ago the local government held a summit to discuss Foster Road. It’s getting some urban renewal money to help update storefronts and streetscapes. The public transit system is looking to install a streetcar. Local businesses want it walkable and bike friendly.  Traffic safety folks want to fix the deadly intersections.  There are … Continue reading Foster Road Summit recap

How to locate historic photos of Portland

A few years ago I made a blog post, The Neighborhood Then and Now comparing historic images of Portland street scenes with similar modern-day images.  In that post, I linked to my source, Efiles.  Efiles is a City of Portland website with a database of historic records — photos, documents, recordings, maps, and other things … Continue reading How to locate historic photos of Portland

Friends & Foster Burger

I had a great dinner with great friends at Foster Burger tonight. Liam ordered a deep-fried avocado that we all split. The natural fattiness of the avocado plus the deep-frying made a concoction that was hard to eat just one slice of. There were not many main courses to choose from, but I believe our … Continue reading Friends & Foster Burger