Yes, I can has cheezburger

I like to poke fun at Etsy. It seems that for every one reasonable product, there are thousands of crafty products that are a little too “craft.” These include items made with popsicle sticks, puffy paint, shrinky-dinks, rhinestones, and assorted garbage.  I am also a big fan of Regretsy for this reason.  Until recently, I had purchased exactly two things from Etsy: a silver pendant and a laser-cut sticker.  Recently, I added a third item to my list of Etsy purchases: a cheeseburger.  A tasty catnip cheeseburger, to be exact, which I first read about at moderncat.

It turns out that I can has cheezburger after all, and all my cats now need are captions with bad grammar to be lolcats.

When the burger arrived, it was wrapped in paper, like a real burger.  The cats were instantly curious, even Ebenezer who is immune to catnip. There was a slight skirmish, Ebenezer got slapped, and The Precious grabbed the burger.

Since then, Norman has pretty much claimed it as his own.

The cheeseburger itself is of surprisingly good build quality. The buns and burger are terrycloth, with felt cheese, lettuce, and tomato. For a hunk of sewn fabric, the price seems a little steep at first, until you realize that crappier toys are sold at Pet Smart for about the same price. And those manufactured toys do not have the lolcats cachet.

You can get your own at

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