Mailplane, Suprnova, Bioshock

Mailplane is an OS X client frontend for Gmail (and Google Apps for Domains.) You get the responsiveness of a desktop app with the “I can quickly check my mail from anywhere” webmail backend. Now, if only they’ll open the beta.

In other linkiness: Suprnova is back and being run by ThePirateBay folks now.

In other news: I can’t get the PC demo of Bioshock to run under Parallels. I hate first-person-shooter games, but this one is really catching my eye. It is set in an “what-if” 1960 in an underwater city called Rapture (built in 1946 in a very Atlas Shrugged scenario.) It’s art-deco, cherry wood, brass, and grainy black-and-white TV technology. The “weapons” are you injecting yourself with syringes of tonics that give you telekenesis, pyrokenesis, and other weird-brain-weapons. I guess a civil war of some sort broke out at some time in the past and you find yourself accidentally there as the result of a nasty plane crash. At least, that’s what I think it’s about. I can’t get the demo to work. I highly recommend downloading the art book.

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