Sabacc Rule Cheat Sheets

There are several variants to the card game of Sabacc. For some reason (well, I assume to fit them into the box of cards), the rules are printed in fine print on little fan-fold sheets. Reading them causes a bit of eye strain. Additionally, the rules around betting are hazy-to-nonexistent in places. A few folks on the internet have clarified those rules. I decided to make letter-size sheets to summarize the rules of the three variants we play: Coruscant Shift, Corellian Spike, and the Bespin Casino variant of Spike. They don’t quite cover every last detail or scenario, but they’re good cheat-sheets to remember the high-points of specific variants. There are also some visual “mnemonics” to help newer players correctly ID the “face cards.”

On rare occasions there’s a tie during Corellian Spike. We had to use our phone’s camera as a magnifying glass to see the fine print. I blew it up into a double-sided sheet that’s far more legible.

I don’t know how useful they’d be to others, but here are my PDFs:

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