Sabacc To Go

Upon arriving to our suite at the Galactic Starcruiser, we discovered they’d left us a wonderful little box of snacks in a thematic equipment case.

A Pelican-style case of snacks.

As we’ve intensified our at-home Sabacc situation with playlists, game mats, cheat sheets, custom chips, and custom chip racks, I decided it would be a great reminder of our stay to house everything in a similar Pelican case.

There’s honestly not much more to this blog post: get a case, tear out some of the perforated foam to house the gear (two sets of cards, two sets of chip racks, and a glass stone to act as a round marker for the Corellian Spike variant).

I guess there’s one extra detail I haven’t mentioned: I laser-cut a stencil to spray paint on the front: an inventory of contents.

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