Upcoming Issues

It seems that Upcoming.org is about as dead to me as Dodgeball was. The required Yahoo account migration on Upcoming is working just about as well as the Google account migration did with Dodgeball–actually, slightly worse. 8 months later, I was finally able to sign in to Dodgeball. Maybe I’ll have good news to report about Upcoming in 8 months.’till then, rest assured that I’m going to Ignite Portland, I just can’t actually RSVP.

For some reason I signed up to Upcoming using a really, really old Yahoo account that I had pretty much deprivated (and totally forgot that I still had.) Couple that with some confusion between login name (brienigma) and display name (BrianEnigma) and, well, the problems existed entirely between keyboard and chair. Things were fixed up in less than 24 hours (in stark contrast to Dodgeball that now magically works for me, but I have friends with the same issue I had that still can’t log in.)

Three cheers to Neil and everyone else at Upcoming!

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Issues”

  1. You are aware this is my job?

    Our account migrator has been in place since April 2007.

    We do have an abnormal amount of complaints about accounts this week so perhaps something has gone wrong. Please give me a chance to look into this tomorrow.

    Is there any history I need to be aware of?

  2. I admit, out of frustration and desperation, I was being a bit overly dramatic. Although I had forgotten exactly who, I knew that someone on my friend-list worked there. I also realize that there are probably people there who can actively look at the problem, as opposed to Dodgeball, which really feels like it’s riding the rails without a driver. (I believe most everyone left there ’round about the time your account migrator was put in place.)

    The history is pretty much nil, which is part of the reason why I kept asking myself “is it really worth it to solve this problem?” I created and used an Upcoming account for a single event, probably about a year ago. I don’t think I’ve logged in to my Yahoo account in at least as long (although I did log in last night to reactivate email, in case it was trying to email me something there.) I’m directed to Yahoo to log in, return to Upcoming, am asked to create or associate an account, was told that the account I wanted to create was already taken (because I forgot I had previously created one), so went to associate it, couldn’t remember the password, clicked to get the password reminder email, the link in that took me back to the same ol’ create/associate page. I kept doing that and guessing passwords until the account got locked for too many bad passwords.

    I filled out the support email form thinger last night, so it’s presumably being looked at by the right folks (I don’t know how big Upcoming is.)

  3. Awesome, for anyone else following, we resolved this over email… just a mixup between two account names.

    It’s kind of sad that we infinite loop if the user misremembers some of the account details. Anyway, we’re end-of-lifing the “merge” interface soon, since most people have switched over.

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