“Easy to Swallow!”

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The senator in Taxi Driver: Palantine
The senator in Star Wars: Palpatine
Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

It turns out that there is a site that hosts torrents for recent Dr. Demento shows. I am not sure how or why I ran across it, but I thought I would recapture some childhood and listen to some Dr. Demento on the iPod. I figure it will last about two to three shows before I tire of it and stop. At any rate, since it was easy to turn the HTML into XHTML, apply the right XSL, and hook it to a crontab, I now have an RSS feed of that same page. Unfortunately, it does not work so well with podcast clients because they expect the torrent to point to a single file. In this case, the torrent points to a folder that contains a bunch of MP3 files, each one a between-commercial segment.

All of those people trying to cut carbs out of their diet should instead try some turn of the century “medicine.” Did people actually do this? On purpose?

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