Roses, roses everywhere and not a drop of dew

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I just drove several miles down a major one-way street. The wrong direction.

I guess the Rose Festival parade is about to get underway and the route takes up MLK. Grand, the northbound complement of the pair, has been chopped in half with a zillion traffic-cone-sticks, with two lanes servicing northbound and two for southbound. In a way, they found an ingenious method to handle this weird wrong-way traffic. It would seem that the traffic signals can swivel around 180-degrees, so the ones for the two left-hand lanes were turned around because those lanes were effectively going backward.

The critical flaw of this whole plan is that the traffic signals are placed such that they are normally on the opposite side of the intersection from the traffic they control. When you simply swivel around a couple of the signal lights for a couple of the lanes, the people in the front of the line are DIRECTLY UNDER the traffic signals that are supposed to control them and cannot see. They just sort of have to guess, based on the traffic in the other direction starting up or the people behind them (that can actually see the signal) honking. Fortunately, I happened to have my top down this morning, so was not affected.

Anyone want to head down to the waterfront? I am about to run down to the east side esplanade after a quick shower, then figure out what to do and where to go from there. Dodgeball, SMS, or call me.

EDITED to add: well, it looks like someone is raining on my parade. This is some of the hardest, fastest, heaviest rain I have seen here in a while and it just magically started up. Maybe I will stick around at home or run quickly over to Crema, as I am nearly out of coffee at home.

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