Yes, I have “that cartoon factory song” stuck in my head now

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Today's lunch was, basically, at a sushi factory. We sat down at a table and, like a cartoon factory without the Raymond Scott music, a conveyer belt whisked food past the table. Upon the belt were little plates of sushi. The green plates were a dollar, the pink $1.50, and the blue were $2. You take what you want and eat it. At the end of the meal, someone comes along and counts up your empty plates and hands you a bill. The sushi was quite reasonably priced and the variety was a lot better than the typical “today's lunch special: Sushi Box A.”

Today, I had a program blow up within the file atomicity.h. That sounds so very space age.

I have not seen Kim since Monday, yet it seems like an eternity.

The new [iTunes Exclusive] Ministry album is surprisingly good, compared to the last few craptastic ones. It sort of harkens back to the old days when they could not quite make up their mind if they were speed metal or industrial. Similar to the old days, there are quite a lot of Bush quotes, only these are all “W.” Obviously, it is pretty darn anti-Bush and anti-war. And as for the first song: no matter how often “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana gets overused in more rock-y songs, I still love all of them.

I cannot wait until the Treo 650 comes out. I have had my 270 for a great many years, and it is starting to show its age–both in wear and in the fact that it is missing the high-res screen and sound that most applications are written for nowadays.

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