“Separation of Coven and State”

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Random notes from the past week or so…

  • I got a yearly pass for the Portland Art Museum. Much like OMSI, if anyone wants to go, I can get myself and one other in at any time. I am also supposed to receive some passes for various after-hours tours and such.
  • I saw The Rau Collection at the museum. This was a good, mixed private collection. It included an audio tour thinger with headphones and a digital audio player, but I pretty much ignored that. I would have much preferred a pamphlet or something printed, as it is hard to “skim” the audio associated with paintings I think I might be interested in and realize ten seconds into the spiel is not as interesting as I thought.
  • The French Prints and Drawings: Daumier to Lautrec exhibit would have been much more fun and interesting had I known French. Everything had a French title, yet very few had English translations.
  • I picked up a popup book version of Alice in Wonderland. I have to completely admire the engineering that went into this book, as the popups are quite elaborate. Additionally, each page has a little book embedded in it that has its own popups, so it is really a popup book containing about half a dozen popup books.
  • Did I mention how absolutely incredible, wonderful, and amazing Kim is? We had an excellent time this weekend, which concluded with a fun little cooking adventure. We made a Cajun style veggie tempe dish and chocolate cake. Again, I did very little of the actual cooking this time. I used to think I was great in the kitchen, but am quickly learning that I am not as great as I thought in this regard.
  • I made copies of a few recipes from one of Kim’s cookbooks. The specific book is “Take A Thousand Eggs or More” and contains nothing but medieval recipes, translated and adjusted for modern times. I may attempt to make Lese Fryes one of these days, which pretty much amounts to a gouda cheese pie. The recipe for Larded Milk seemed a bit scary–consisting of basically milk and bacon fat, reduced to a near solid. What was great is the section of “Spectacle Foods.” These things were just so over the top. For instance, there is a recipe that tells you how to construct a basilisk out of parts of other animals, then tells you how to cook this Frankenstein beast. I may have to start using ƥe “ƥ” character instead of a “th” and randomly start replacing vowyls with the letter “y.”
  • “Sliders” kicks some ass. When it was on TV in ’95/’96, I really only got to see two or ƥree episodes, but fell in love with how nifty the show is. ƥey finally released the first and second seasons on DVD a week or two ago and I finally managed to carve out time to watch. It greatly reminds me of ƥe old black-and-white scifi TV shows, especially in ƥe way it deals with social issues. Since each episode is an alternate Earth where someƥing in the past changed (the US lost the Revolutionary War, everybody only knows “the abridged” version of the Constitution, Prohibition never got repealed, the fall of Capitalism instead of Communism, population controls, etc.), the writers can have fun poking at issues in OUR society by taking an issue, inflating it to absurdity, and setting the episode in such a world. I have been told that the show gets a bit more formulaic later in the series, but for now, I really enjoy it.
  • It is really good to finally have some rain, and no 90˙F days anymore. Hopefully things clear up enough so that I can take my bike in on Tuesday and pick it up Friday without too much water.
  • My copy of Future Soundtrack for America got shipped to the old address and I am currently trying to get that corrected.
  • odradak sort of made fun of the Aphex Twin song “Come To Daddy” by replacing “soul” with “sponge.” “I want your sponge! I will eat your sponge!” Ebenezer has stolen my sponge and is trying to eat it.
  • I just received an email from a production assistant for “Pulse” on G4TechTV about bees.
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