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I have a new icon. It really creeps out meta_kate, but I kind of like it. I think I will use it for dream entries, since it is a few frame captures from the movie Alice, which we saw last night (well, I saw it and Kate tried not to watch). The creature you see is the Caterpillar–made of a sock, some glass eyes, and some dentures. Alice is a fine film from the land of Ikea. It is dubbed, but that is okay because there is no music and very little talking. What little talking there is ends up being in the form of an extreme-closeup of Alice's lips, Rocky Horror style. The rest of what you hear are incredible sound effects. The whole film ends up being a surreal mix between live-action and stop-motion. For instance, the White Rabbit is an evil-looking beast that started as a sawdust-filled taxidermy rabbit. (He is almost as scary as Bunny.) The various animal friends of the rabbit are scary Victorian-era scientific animal skeletons. Basically, if you took the Closer video, made it movie-length, added some Ray Harryhousen animation, and a twist of Dali, you would have this film. You would also have the other film I watched last night: The Institute Benjamenta. This is the first live-action (or mostly live action) film from The Brothers Quay. It also has that creepy surreal feel. Did I ever mention how much I adore Victorian and Neo-Victorian imagery?

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