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In the invisibility or flying question, I have always answered invisibility, but my dreams always end up flying. I cannot say I remember much more than technical details in this dream, but it was the typical “good superheroes” versus “evil supervillains” motif. I was on the good-guys side, but frankly, I cannot think of a single superpower I had. I flew once or twice, but that was it. I might have been slightly stronger than normal, but not obviously so. I had a boss and he had a boss. I had to fill out status reports every week. I got a paycheck.

The “bad-guys” were a team that had just recently formed. There were two big twists on the bad-guys side. First, the leader was an ex-girlfriend in the dream (it was not anyone I knew in real-life, just an ex-girlfriend within the context of the dream). She did said all of the stereotypical ex-girlfriend-supervillain stuff of bringing up flaws or good traits spoken as flaws. “When we were together, you were always a stupid do-gooder.” “Look at you, you could never quite get the hang of flying, and now you are trying to make a living at it.” The second big twist was that the bad-guys had some weird technology that let themselves get “backed up,” but not really. They could lay on an operating table type thing, hit a button on a tape-recorder thing, and get copied (or rather moved, since they no longer remain after the recording is complete) onto the tape. Later, somebody could play back the tape into their special equipment and get the bad-guy back. Unfortunately, it does not work too many times, as they were reusing the same tapes and putting multiple people onto the same tape, and “transcription errors” would eventually creep in.

There was not a lot of plot or specific events I remember. At one point, I took my time in fleeing from the bad-guy hideout (in a library and/or laundromat), while the ex-girlfriend leader was intentionally trying to anger me by screaming down from a window or balcony about all my character flaws. I just slowly put on my sunglasses, ignoring it, taking my time getting prepared to fly away. At another part, I was riding in a van (I think it was BrianC driving his van), and we had to go somewhere in particular really fast, so he went for about a half block on the wrong side of a fast-moving busy street to get into the correct driveway. In retrospect, I get a strong Edwards & Bolsa (Westminster Mall) vibe from the wrong-side-of-the-street-incident.

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