Presidential Zombies

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I feel like I need a separate icon for my dreams: The dream seemed to center around a parcel of land that used to be a friend's house in Huntington Beach when growing up, but in the dream was somehow much larger and contained a different house, initially. At one point, I was attending a 2600 Meeting in that house, but did not know anyone and everyone was being mean to me. At this point, I realize that this location is the only place a certain band (I knew their name in the dream, but cannot remember now) plays. The band sounded like a more musical version of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, like maybe if you added a twist of Information Society and a dash of The Art of Noise. Anyway, this was where they played, but were not scheduled for awhile. The next day (or week or year–it is hard to tell, but it was daylight out), they were tearing down the house to put up a roller coaster. Supposedly, that land parcel (which should have been the size of a house with a decent front and back yard, but through some sort of non-Euclidean geometry ended up being much larger) was owned by Disney and was going to become an annex of Disneyland. I guess they kind of forgot the fact that it is 15 miles away from Disneyland and in the middle of a conservative residential neighborhood. What could be more messed up than that? Let us throw George W. into the mix to manage the project. W. was standing around in a hardhat with a walkie-talkie giving orders. Add to that the fact that his recently constructed wooden building contained some kind of vampire zombie creatures. Brian C., Les, and I were there doing some kind of work–pulling giant boulders around with a rope and a car. I do not *think* we were working on the project, I think we were either just messing around or actively trying to mess things up. Meta_Kate and I were poking around the wooden structure. The band mentioned above was there, but completely different. They were taken over by the presidential zombies and making really bad and uncharacteristic music. Zombies erased some code I wrote (I guess I was going to help write software for the audioanimatronics…?), which made me mad. Then, they tried to grab us. I had to kick through a piece of wall, which I crawled through and then pulled Kate through. The zombies started chasing us, and playing a really bad rendition of a song (“[two syllable word] [two syllable word], one, two three” was the name of the song. The first two words were something like “Ready, Ready”) that we started discussing at great length as we ran toward the car. We hopped in, but I noticed a Secret Service car across the street with a window partly down and the agents looking the other way. I grabbed a giant ice cube that happened to be around, and threw it at the head of one of the agents. (Why? I do not know. It is not like anyone ELSE was around to have thrown it.) Then we drove off.

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