Silencing “those” Facebook friends

We all have “those” Facebook friends.  You know — the kind that post a big flowery picture with text splattered across it that is supposed to inspire you, but it really says “I’m too much of a lemming to type anything special or personal here, so I will regurgitate re-share this hostile-to-the-sight-impaired text-image monstrosity.”  We also have those folks, typically family members, that would kick up a drama-storm if you unfriended them, but who constantly post political messages with the implication that a proclamation on [polarizing topic] blasted to your newsfeed is going to be much more convincing than a dialogue, debate, or reasoned discussion.

About a week ago a Facebook friend, Jeff, pointed out a feature that I had not seen before.  There is a way to squelch the number of posts you see from a given person to “just the important stuff.”  As best as I can tell, this applies across everything: the website, the iPhone App, and Flipboard.  I didn’t get around to trying it for a couple of days and once it scrolled back that far it was a little difficult to find.  And that is when an idea struck!

I could use the very same annoying image macro style to help people propagate by re-sharing the very instructions to tame said image macros.  All I needed was an inspiring nature background (such as this autumn canopy from iStockPhoto) a flowery font like Papyrus, and a few screenshots.  Behold:

You’re welcome.  Please share and spread the word.


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