iPhone + Meowmania = most expensive cat toy ever

A few months ago at Ignite Portland 7, a few of us on the balcony were comparing silly cat-related iPhone apps. My takeaway from that discussion was Meowmania (iTunes link).

Meowmania does one and only one thing. When you touch the screen, a spinning cat head appears and meows. That’s it. No real point. Buuuut… the sounds from that app really set off our cats. There have been a number of times that I have put the phone down for the cats to see. They get mesmerized by the spinning heads and occasionally even touch the screen to kick off a new one.

Tonight, I was finally able to catch it on video. Here is a 1m:46s YouTube video of the most expensive cat toy ever, as they poke at, bite, and kick around the iPhone:

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