Friends & Foster Burger

I had a great dinner with great friends at Foster Burger tonight. Liam ordered a deep-fried avocado that we all split. The natural fattiness of the avocado plus the deep-frying made a concoction that was hard to eat just one slice of. There were not many main courses to choose from, but I believe our table selected a diverse cross-section of the menu. I, myself, tried the Kiwi Burger, a burger made of ground up cute little lambs with pickled beets and aged cheddar. It was absolutely amazing:

The lamb burger at Foster Burger was so effing good, it's driven me to use expletives to describe how effing good it is.

I really can’t describe it more than that. It was a hamburger. It was lamb. I don’t really eat cow, so it was great to have the texture of a burger combined with something I could digest. Brian C. wanted a photo of it for Julian (for Portland Hamburgers, I think?). I did my best with the iPhone camera under low light and with a lot of post-processing in Aperture.

Deep fried avocado
Deep-Fried Avocado

Kiwi Burger
Kiwi Burger

Kiwi Burger
Kiwi Burger

Others enjoyed the regular burgers (which included “back fat?”) and fish sandwiches.  I feel I have fulfilled my grease quota for the month.  That burger was messy and greasy. It took several napkins to clean my hands and even then, cats wanted to lick my hands like crazy upon returning home.

Because it came up in conversation, here is the pig heart I mentioned I prepared last year. You probably do not want to click if you are squeamish. I think I picked up ox tail on the same trip to An Dong.

The best parting line ever was Brian C. telling me, “I’ll let you know about the pig blood.” Further explanation would ruin it.

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    1. I have no idea why it was called a Kiwi burger. Are there are lots of lambs in New Zealand, causing them to make that tenuous connection? It was ground lamb, pickled beets, 2 year old cheddar, and other less memorable stuff. Very drippy. Very greasy.

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