Portland’s Robotic Goths

Here are two “Portland excels at…” links I have run across in the past week.

I lurk on the Portland Industrial Gothic (PIG) mailing list. Actually, “lurk” is an understatement. I subscribe, the messages come into my inbox, and the vast majority of them get moved, unread, to an archive folder. One subject line recently caught my eye. Apparently, Portland is the 6th most goth city on the planet, the 3rd most in the US. This tells me one of two things. Either the source information is flawed, or goth is virtually extinct. Portland is more goth than San Francisco? Los Angeles? Berlin? I find this hard to believe.

The other thing I ran across was that Portland Now Has the Nation’s Largest Robotic Parking Structure. It’s a parking structure. It holds 29 cars in an area that would ordinarily only hold 10. It’s looks very slow. It does not look very robotic. A robotic 29 space parking lot is the biggest robotic parking lot in the nation? Cool I guess, but it just feels like there has to be a larger one elsewhere. If you’re going to spend money to make a robotic parking structure, it seems like you should be trying to shoot for a bigger order of magnitude — a 100-car structure, not a 30-car structure.

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