Buh Bye, Birdie

For a week now, I have been trying to come up with something to tweet along the lines of me being a [straight] guy who enjoys musicals. It had to be witty. More importantly, it had to NOT be… what’s the word? Racist? Sexist? Gay-ist? I guess “homophobic” is technically the right word, but doesn’t quite convey the same feeling as an -ist word would.

I’ve scrapped that potential tweet after last night’s Mad Men. I believe that scene from Bye Bye Birdie (which the universe has done a great job of shielding me from until now) has conceivably turned me off of musicals for quite some time.

I really enjoy Lonely Sandwich’s response to the clip…

1963 and I will just have to agree to disagree on this one because Holy Christ, is this the least sexually appealing thing I’ve ever seen happen on a screen. As featured in s03e02 of Mad Men, all I could muster while seeing it projected in a boardroom of ogling, dapper young men was “Oh God, make it stop.”

P.S. I couldn’t even watch the YouTube clip all of the way through. I watched enough of the beginning and end to be sure it was what I was after, but skimmed the middle.

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