Grind-N-Brew Suggestions?

Cuisinart_grind_and_brew.jpgI have had a Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew (pictured) since the mid 90’s. It has served me well, but I fear that like my recently dead carpet steamer from that same era, it is on its last legs. Recently, I arrive to set it up to find it is “off” even though it is plugged in and should be showing the time. This morning, I set it up to brew and at some point after it was done it shut itself down in such a way that the heating element was off and the display was showing “18:88.” I get lukewarm coffee today. Yeay.

I have come to believe that the internet (and specifically, the subset of the internet I like to call “my internet friends”) is very opinionated on grind-and-brews. I have heard many of you say lots of positive things about ones with a burr grinder.

So, does anyone have any suggestions? The one I have is 10 cups, but I technically never make more than 6 or 8 (and even those amounts are rare.)

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5 thoughts on “Grind-N-Brew Suggestions?”

  1. I had a Grind & Brew but ended up pitching it due to the mess it made and the impossibility of getting the carafe clean, leading to funky monkey coffee smell. I purchased a separate burr grinder and an Aeropress a few years ago and I’ve been happy ever since!

    Main drawbacks are two: 1) It can only make about 2 cups at a time; 2) You have to use more coffee grounds (maybe 25% or so more?) to achieve the strength that you would in a drip maker.

  2. @Scott: Tea (and just plain water) fills the rest of the day, and I really like my IngenuiTea tea maker. It’s like a gravity-fed upside-down french press. In the mornings though, before I am fully awake, I need that first cup of coffee automatically ground, brewed, and ready to go. I don’t drink coffee any other time of the day nor can I substitute tea, regardless of type or strength, for that first coffee.

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