The Disappearing Cat

As I’m always happy to say, I live in a house that celebrated its hundred year birthday this year. As such, there are some weird architecture bits. You may have also heard me mention Norman, the kitty who routinely hangs from windows, sits on the OUTSIDE of the windowsills, and whatnot.


These two points intersect because we have a “basement door roof” that is right outside the kitchen window.


Norman hops up there to say hi, to let us know he wants in, and to let us know he wants us to come outside and play.

This evening, I opened the side door to see if he wanted to come in for the night. I heard him mewing at me, but could not pinpoint from where. Around the corner? No. Under the entry stairs? No. Locked in the garage or basement? No. Mew. Mew. Mew. Finally, I was able to pinpoint a direction. Up. There he was. He hopped up on the basement door roof, then to the first floor roof, then followed that slant up toward the second-story window, behind which Kim was relaxing and reading. He was stuck up there and could not get down. We had to open the upstairs window to let him in. I worry that now that he knows a way up and that there is an easy way inside from up there, this may happen again. And again.

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