Dreamhost “invites”

It increasingly seems like people enjoy bashing Dreamhost these days, but I haven’t experienced any real problem with them and actually rather enjoy the power of their extremely advanced control panel without the responsibility of having to admin the day-to-day junk of a co-located box. I’ve been using them since 2003 and current host 18 domains there (although that number has been higher in the past.) Having an off-site shell account is invaluable. My bandwidth and disk space caps are well beyond what I foresee myself needing anytime soon (12TB and 600GB, respectively.)

At any rate, they gave me five “invite codes” to give to people who want to sign up. Of course, you don’t need an invite code, but if you use one, you’ll get four times the normal disk space and bandwidth of whatever plan you choose. And in the spirit of open disclosure, they’ll give me a credit toward my hosting for any codes that get used.

So if you’re considering hosting a new website (or migrating an existing one) and want an invite code, let me know in a comment or through email, and I’ll get you one.

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