Ass burgers!

Without Kim around to keep me in check, I wonder if I am just a little strange or if I actually have something like Asperger’s. Huhuhuhuh, Ass Burgers! Case in point: in the shower this morning I was making chimpanzee noises to the tune of Peter and the Wolf. I only noticed after I had been doing it for several minutes, then promptly stopped. I almost immediately switched to Alice Cooper’s No More Mister Nice Guy made with cat noises and didn’t catch on to the fact that I was doing this for another minute or so. What is this homunculus in my brain that makes me “sing” tunes using animal noises?

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3 thoughts on “Ass burgers!”

  1. Nah, you’re an original weirdo. Having experienced and enjoyed your weirdness for years, I can say without reservation that you are not an assburger or anything else pathological.

    Some of your friends, though…

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