Another childish “ballcock” post

This was me, getting ready to have fun this afternoon:

All the house’s wiring is accessible from the basement… except the stuff I needed to get to inspect today, which is in a crawl-space under the kitchen… with what appears to be asbestos wrapping pipes and ducts above… and bug powder on the ground below… In retrospect, I should have dug out my steampunk goggles. My regular safety goggles cover the fronts of the eyes, but still allow dust to get in around the sides.

Earlier this morning, I *ahem* had fun with my caulk in the bathroom.

I just never get tired of saying “ballcock.”

To riff on a theme of (…or, as I like to call it, “plagiarize”…) Brandon’s from a few weeks ago, this flapper is (mostly) universal. I was fortunate in that the toilet is new enough to have standard spacings and sizes.

Since it’s difficult to measure and map out exactly the size and shape of flapper required, I crossed my fingers and bought this half-expecting to have to exchange it for a different one. It fit fine.

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