Harvey Dent believes in me

In a time where we are constantly getting barraged by political messages about presidential candidates, it is refreshing to receive a package from a candidate running for a less lofty position. In this case, it is Harvey Dent running for District Attorney of Gotham. I am not entirely sure that I live in the correct jurisdiction to be voting for elected officials in Gotham (and hey, does anyone even know where Gotham is???), but that doesn’t seem to prevent him (or, at least, his Dentmobile) from coming to Portland on the 21st.

I am not entirely sure whether or not I believe in Harvey Dent (I still haven’t had time to evaluate his stand on all of the issues I care about), but it seems that Harvey Dent believes in me enough to send campaign information and swag.

Notes on the above photos: Mr. Dent (is he related to Arthur?) cared enough to spring for FedEx Saturday delivery. The window clings are really cool, but if I can provide some constructive criticism, the clingy part should be on the front (with the image and text), not the back. That way, you can put it in your window without worrying about it getting weathered or stolen–unless you want it to get stolen, to help virally spread the word–and if that’s the case, I think that’s a pretty poor stance for a DA to be taking.

Overall, color me impressed! Being the DA of Gotham has got to be a hard job. There are lots of criminals out there (including funny and sarcastic ones), and while a certain caped dude who dresses as a flying mammal can bring them TO justice, someone needs to enforce that justice, and I guess Harvey Dent wants to be that man.

12 thoughts on “Harvey Dent believes in me”

  1. Nice!

    I have had the debate often about where Gothem is. I have always believed that it was Chicago, others New York. But I think it is more officially northwest of Metropolis.

  2. I always figured Gotham and New York were one and the same. I never gave much thought to Metropolis, but I guess I assumed that to be New York, too. Since I don’t know much about Chicago and have never been there, it has been sort of off-my-radar as far as equating it to fictional cities. I think I heard once that the city The Matrix is set in is basically supposed to be Chicago.

  3. I always thought of Gotham as not quite NYC (that’s Metropolis), but located pretty much where Bridgeport Connecticut is. For some reason I think the weather in Gotham is that of Chicago. And the design of the buildings is much more in line with Chicago (more Art Deco) than NYC (which feel too heavily for International).

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