For Future Reference – MySpace

For future reference: the magic incantation to see who on MySpace is leeching your images

grep -i access* | cut -d ' ' -f 11 | sed 's/"//g' | sed 's/&MyToken.*//' | sort -u

For future reference: the magic incantation to redirect those requests to a picture of a unicorn and a princess (reminiscent of Substitute’s “LOL-American Cheez” image, but including the text “H4cK3D Pr0pP4 BY Za M4D +T0LoLZ” because, ya know, any time someone changes a linked image on MySpace, the first reaction is “someone hacked my MySpace!”)

Rewrite Engine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/ms
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} \.jpg$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} \.gif$
RewriteRule ^.*$

Interpretation: Any image request from MySpace (excepting those pointing to the special “gated community” directory of /ms/) get redirected to the lame unicorn picture. Google will still index the images, so that people may still use them on their MySpace profile in the future. *evil grin* The few images I use on my own intentionally-convoluted MySpace profile get served up correctly.

Abbreviated list of URLs that were affected (basically, as many as I could pull from my logs and check before I got bored):

orly (and other birds):

Wendy Carlos Moog synth

Metacortex abstract circle line thing

Scary Clown

See Also: Freedom, Justice, and a Disturbingly Gaping Ass, by creator Jason Scott. It’s an entertaining read about half a million requests for a Grim Reaper image he was hosting, what he did, how the MySpace users reacted, and (the extremely scary bit) how the “MySpace theme developers” reacted.
Edited to add: Those were from There were another 10,000 hits at, from both from MySpace and about ten threads at a single forum called (which doesn’t appear to be up right now)

40 of St Ides + Curious George Altoids tin resting on a large ammunition can

Dog Photocopy

Brandon’s Fridge

Warranty Void if Seal is Broken

Crazy guy with sign

The “Warp Core Breach” at the Star Trek bar in Vegas

Bathroom at a local bar (Acme?)

Ninja in a Toilet

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