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I broke the handle off of a steak knife… …while cutting the cheese.

Admittedly, I picked up this set of knives from Pic-n-Sav in about ’90 or ’91 for roughly ten dollars.

Ebenezer has always had some digestive issues, even on the expensive “Science Diet Sensitive Stomach” stuff. Since some of Kim’s friends swear by the “raw meat” diet for their cats, I figured I would look into it. The whole thing seems a bit counter-intuitive at first — I mean, how can raw meat be good for cats? In theory, they eat raw meat in the wild, but since when have domestic cats been wild?

The short answer is: it isn’t good, unless done correctly. You can’t just go down and get some ground beef and bacon and drop it on the floor for cats to munch on. First, you have to worry about bad stuff in the meat, which means everything is frozen and then thawed. Next, you have to worry about the proper nutritional balance. You can’t just live on an Atkins all-meat-all-the-time diet and neither can cats. They need the right amounts of calcium, vitamins, etc. You can choose to do this yourself by adding bone, internal organs, seaweed, etc. or you can just get the pre-packaged stuff like I have been doing.

The pre-packaged stuff around here is from Rad Cat and can be found in a number of New Seasons stores as well as a little shop around the corner called, of all things, Meat. Heidi, the proprietor, is pretty darn helpful and knowledgeable.

They have been weaning onto it for about two weeks now. So far, Ebenezer loves it. The Precious…doesn’t. Ebenezer’s visits to the cat box have not stunk up the entire house — although based on the amount that I have been home and awake recently, I do not have enough data points to make absolute conclusions on the matter.

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