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I skipped out on yoga last week because I was a little under the weather, possibly from spending the previous evening drinking and running around a cemetery. During tonight’s class, I really felt it. You just can’t skip out on that stuff.

My Sun Salutation is starting to get a little more fluid (and not as crazy as the Mister Stick Figure Yoga Man animation on the linked page.) All of my other poses have longs since gone from “trying to remember how they go” to actual muscle and tendon work.

Tonight’s cool-down was a little bit different. Instead of the corpse position (I can barely remember how to pronounce the actual name and have no hope of spelling it), we did that thing like you do when you are a little kid–flat on your back, against the wall, with your legs up in the air but resting against the wall. It seems like such an 8 year old thing to do, but really does end up feeling relaxing at the end of a long day.

It is almost Halloween and I have nothing to wear.

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