“Today, we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives”

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When I was a kid, I did not give it a second thought that He-Man‘s sidekicks had names like Ram-Man and Fisto.

I know fall is upon us when, not only do I have to break out the flannel sheets, but the naked cat decides it is a good idea to climb under the covers and spoon the entire night without complaint. He does sort of get a little sweaty, though.

I want a big, long, black coat where the entire front is a big flap with buttons running up the side (and fake buttons running up the opposite side) and no real collar, like futuristic bad-guys always wear.

I think I also require a pair of, for lack of a better term, telescoping wrist holsters–those things that hold a gun up your sleeve and pop it into your hand when you flex the right way.

Equilibrium is basically Brave New World, but constrained to works of art, part Fahrenheit 451, with a touch of the 1984 Apple commercial and a dash of The Matrix for flavor. Oh, and throw in a splash of Citizen Kane snow globe.

I do have to say that parrying in a gun melee is much more interesting than parrying in a sword fight. The action scenes were amazing. The plot…ehhh… recycled.

Tonight, I learned about Capgras’ syndrome, Prosopagnosia, and Fregoli Delusion. They are all a bit freaky, but the first is much more-so (to me, at least) than the others. There really is a medical term for “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Other fun disorders, according to Wikipedia: Intermetamorphosis and the Syndrome of Subjective Doubles (dopplegängers).

Supposedly, there is such a thing as acupressure for cats.

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