Treo 650 ROM Updates

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For anyone with a Treo 650, I would highly recommend the 1.13 ROM update. The major thing it fixes is everyone's gripe with the filesystem. The filesystem on the 650 uses a rather huge block size for the types of files it stores, meaning lots of wasted space. I did not really notice it since I went from the 270 (with something like 8 megs of space) to the 650 (with 23 megs for the user), plus I had a 1G card slotted in there. The card is nice for data files and rarely used apps, but not so great for often-used apps because of loading time. Because of this, most of my day-to-day apps are in main memory, giving me about 2 megs free. The new update uses space MUCH better. Now I have a hair under 10 megs free.

The upgrade required backing everything up, doing a hard reset (because the updater needs a lot of space), running the updater, doing another hard reset, then restoring all of your data. The official method of backup/restore kind of sucks, since several important files do not get backed up this way. For instance, the Bluetooth secrets never get backed up (which is more of an annoyance since all you would have to do is perform pairing again.) The more annoying thing is the “Unsaved Preferences” file, which typically contains your applications' serial numbers–meaning after a restore, you have to dig up all of your serial numbers and re-enter them.

The unofficial method of backing up and restoring is highly recommended. This involves getting BackupBuddyVFS, backing up everything to a card in the card slot, then restoring it later. This is faster, more efficient, and gets everything. Plus having “checkpoint” snapshots (only available in the professional version) is pretty cool when you think you are about to do something risky.

P.S. this is my first post with XJournal, which seems to be better and more well maintained than iJournal, which I was using previously. Having tag support is pretty nice. Previewing your user icons is also rather snazzy.

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