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An interesting weekend, including:

  • Bridgeport with Kim, drinking cask ale and discussing a number of deep topics
  • Lunch with BC that was so engrossing that I did not realize how many beers I drank until the walk home.
  • Missed a party on Saturday night, as I was hung over that evening because of lunch! Being hung over at night is not fun.
  • An “interesting” Father’s Day conversation with my dad, including: him asking me when the semester is over (I graduated college about 8 years ago), which city I was living in (Portland for a couple of years now), and I had to ask him to repeat things a couple of times (I superficially blamed the unintelligible mumbling on a grainy cellphone connection.)
  • Drinks at Pied Cow with a thunderstorm going on outside the Victorian-house-turned-coffeeshop/bar/cafe. There was a local cat that hung around both inside and outside Pied Cow that was friendly and well behaved, but afraid of everything until it proved to be safe. This cat would look at everything with its tail literally between its legs, as if expecting to be tripped over or stepped upon, and then would shoot its tail straight up in happiness once things looked good–only to repeat the process thirty seconds later.
  • Watching the last Doctor Who episode of the season and not particularly liking the sort of Deus Ex Machina craziness with “Bad Wolf,” which just magically cleaned everything up at the end. Plus, we both think the new Doctor looks like a ratboy of some kind.
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