Scifi television never works in the US

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Unlike the older Doctor Who stories where four or five “to be continued” episodes complete a more-or-less self contained story — like a miniseries — the new Doctor Who has been individual episodes with a couple of two-parters, but mostly self contained. This week, they revealed a pretty cool common thread that arcs through all of them. I may have to go back and rewatch a couple. There are also a couple of web addresses presented in the show that turn out to have real sites: a conspiracy site and U.N.I.T. (and the backdoor password from the episode works). Pointers in these places to to a company and finally They all have BBC disclaimers in the fine print and if you type badwolf into the BBC search engine, that appears as the first site–so it all appears to be kosher and not some random set of fansites. It is hard to tell if this is a game of some kind or just a tapestry of web pages built to back up the story. Regardless, it is kind of cool.

Unfortunately, this week's episode seems to have a lot of “inside jokes” or references to (British?) television reality and game shows, most of which flew completely over my head.

In unrelated news, Kim is the best girlfriend ever and an all-around great human being and that is all I am going to share on that subject.

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