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I realize that purchasing online music is not for everyone. Some people like having physical CDs. Maybe some people have not yet tried the online thing so are not yet comfortable with it. At any rate, it seems a lot of the pundits are saying that the subscription-based services will eventually rule, which I find hard to believe. It would seem to me that an informed consumer would rather buy their music once than keep renting it (and having their local music deactivated when they stop paying), but I can see some benefits to the rental model. Namely, you get unlimited access to the entire music catalog as part of the rental.

So, I would like to pose to you: which do/would you prefer? This is not really a “proper” poll with a random sampling of people. This is a sampling of friends, many of which could be considered “alpha geeks” or early adoptors–typically the digital trend-setters.

I admit I really have no idea how this poll will pan out–which is most of the reason why I am asking.


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