A Satellite Tour of Portland

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After Mendel’s post pointing to satellite images of various nifty things, I thought I would point to a few things that are less dramatic, but more personal. It took a little time to find things that were interesting from space, as most of the area is trees, and let’s face it, trees from space are like “hey, look, a big green blotch.”

  • Where I live – I have posted this before, but not from Google. The big square building is a school, the trees are a cemetary.
  • Where I work – The dark, windey, horizontal-ish line is a river. The big brown pile of dirt in the upper-right quadrant is now a shopping mall scheduled to open in a few weeks.
  • Ladd’s Addition – William S. Ladd designed these blocks in 1891. As you can see, it is a pair of diagonal streets criss-crossing the block with a circular rose garden (and roundabout) in the middle and four smaller gardens around that. There is a set of streets forming more-or-less concentric rings. It is beautiful on a map and from the sky. From the ground, it is a maze with roses in the middle.
  • The Basement Pub – What can I say? There it is, in the basement of a residential area. The pin is a bit off.
  • Our many lovely bridges, also known as “the bottlenecks separating east and west.” – The one I use is just below the perfectly horizontal one in the middle.
  • Not Bikini Atol, but a cement mine (is that the right term?)
  • The park I used to run around in (645 acres)
  • One of the parks I now run around in, complete with reservoirs
  • The other park I now run around in, more often than the other one because it is much closer to home.
  • The Apple Store – Yup, just a mall.
  • The airport – You can see the big glass awning between the parking structure and the terminal, protecting drivers and pedestrians from the rain.
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