Numbers Stations Are Spooky

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Last night, we had some tasty Indian food. It was Kim's first time at Swagat. The food was good, but the service was spectacularly bad. By “bad” I mean it took 15 minutes to order and once we were done with our meal, there was nobody to take our money. Really. We looked around the dining room, then went up to the front counter. During the 10 minutes in which we were loitering at the counter and not dine-n-dash'ing, I got a good chance to get acquainted with their two-line speakerphone and computerized cash register.

After dinner, we watched this week's downloaded episode of Lost. Holy crap! Some of the loose ends look like they may be starting to come together. Without spoiling too much, there is a particular sequence of numbers that arises during the episode. The ARG player in me has been trying to come up with countless methods to decode or otherwise find relevance to them. Mr. Alias/Lost Producer Guy really likes the number 47 for some reason, but the numbers do not add up to it (nor do their individual digits add up a'la numerology.) They do not seem to directly translate to anything. They do not seem to be a mathematical sequence (e.g. the Fibonacci series.) Google searches for the complete set yield nothing (but leaving off the last number, which sort of makes sense considering what they are in one case, brings up results that are primarily from college syllabus pages: “read chapters blah, blah, blah” or “do problems blah, blah, blah.”) For all I know, the numbers are just arbitrary ones pulled out of a hat, but my brain keeps wanting to find a pattern. I generally have a poor memory, but I woke up this morning reciting all six of them in order. There is just something so very familiar about those numbers.

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