Dirt and Leaves

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Kim and I did some excellent gardening this weekend. We started by building a raised bed out of scrap lumber. A trip to the nursery later, we were the proud owners of something like nine bags of potting soil, a number of pots, and assorted other things. This would have been impossible in a little sportscar, but Flexcar’s minivan made it a single easy trip. We played in the dirt, then transplanted some bulbs of elephant garlic that were getting a bit too big for their quarters.

The horseradish is pre-planted and a number of smaller things like tomatoes got put in peat pots, but nothing actually goes into the dirt until next week and weekends thereafter.

When mixing your own tea, a little bit of peppermint can go a long way.

Oh, and that whole thing where students try to convince their teachers that they will never use geometry in real life? I had to calculate the volume of a cylinder today and did not even have to look up the formula. HOO!HA! Take that!

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