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Here is something that came up in a discussion with Kim the other night. Bacon bits: salad condiment or ice cream topping? Or both?

After the previous post with the bleak cameraphone photo of the office, I thought I would include a slightly higher quality image. Fluorescent bleakness or high tech electronics research, design, and manufacturing facility? YOU be the judge!

Yes, it is still pretty bleak looking, but hey, look! Homestar stickers! Spam calendar! All that and a bag of chips hanging from the white board. Along with the aforementioned items, can you find the following? Leftover Halloween candy. Two photos of Kim (one more not pictured). Ninja. (Empty) box of licorice piglets. “Free Tibet (with purchase of second Tibet of equal or greater value)” mug. Waldo.

Okay, I lied about Waldo.

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