Bugs, Cats, and Robots

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Recently at work, I have been bug fixing. Most of the big bugs are gone, with just minor stuff remaining. It ends up being simple, mindless repetition — no invention, no innovation. You pull up a bug report, you find the line of microcode that is misbehaving, you mark the bug as fixed, lather, rinse, repeat. Pull the lever, push the button, just like on the factory line. It ends up being simple, mindless repetition. Vacation will be nice.

As I write this, the cats are across the room, “girl fighting.” They are each standing on their hind-legs, doing some sort of patty-cake hand-slap stuff with their front.

iRobot is yet another in a series of science fiction books adapted to film resulting in a steamin' pile of poo. I still have high hopes for the Hithiker's Guide movie. I just learned today that the guy who plays the office clown/slacker, Tim, on the BBC show The Office is playing Arthur Dent. The whole series has been loaded into the iPod and I have been listening to the books at work. I am not sure I have really re-read/listened to the book since I first read it in Jr. High. The two versions of the BBC audio drama as well as the TV show leave out (or change) a bunch of details that I had completely forgotten.

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