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Last night, I was looking at a leaflet that came with a DVD and stumbled across a movie that I had seen, but has since been wiped from my mind. It seems that the state governor of quite a few people who are reading this journal was in the truly stunning film “Jingle All The Way” (alongside Sinbad, no less.) That was one craptastic movie. It got me thinking about the other gems the Governator had been in, including Around the World in 80 Days, Kindergarten Cop, The 6th Day, and Twins.

When I was half-awake-half-asleep this morning and the radio kicked in, I figured I was still in a dream state and dwelling on those movies. According to a Slashdot story, it seems my dream of Re-Pet (a pet cloning company in the movie The 6th Day) being more or less real was not actually a dream. It seems that a company called Genetic Savings & Clone got their first customer. A lady in Texas just spent $50,000 to clone her 17 year old cat, which died last year. Weird.

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