“We’re crooks. If everything was right, we’d be in jail.”

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Two of the awesome things I love about Firefly:
(1) The grandiose special effects CGI shots of ships flying around are flawed. A lot of them look like they were done with a camcorder: the focus slips in and out, panning sometimes over-pans and skips back, not-so-great zooming, etc.
(2) When it is time to curse, they slip into Mandarin. Nothing is bleeped, yet the full anger and effect is still there.

Ebenezer can turn the light in the dining room/nook on and off. He does not realize he is doing it, he simply climbs up near the pull chain, bats at it, and clicks it on/off. Won't he be surprised when he get the other pull chain–the one that controls the ceiling fan!

I got my taxes signed and filed today. At least I'm getting a healthy chunk of federal change back. In unrelated news, I was a big slax0r this evening, as I was going to clean up a side project (the Mac application plugin to Maven) enough to do a final release, but never really got around to it. In other news of slack, I picked up the dead-tree version of Eastern Standard Tribe from Borders over the weekend, and still have not got beyond reading the dust jacket.

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