“Well, technically, it *IS* brain damage”

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So, I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the third time today (don't ask how). This is one of the best films EV-AR, and my recent viewing density is either the best thing possible for me, or the worst. I am not entirely sure yet. I sort of see too much of myself and my forgetfulness in there. Who needs miracle electro-brain-cures when you can simply program your own brain to drop things?! At any rate, Charlie Kaufman rocks! Better than Malcovich! He does an excellent job at portraying the bizarre Daliesque dream sequences and the weird twilight sleep feeling you have when you're half-awake/half-asleep during an operation.

The question now occurs to me: how do you run a business of removing or altering people's memories, especially when those memories include visits to the company? Really, if you give people the memory of going on an exotic vacation and remove the memory of going to the memory implant place…or you remove the memory of a person, including your consultations and final visit to the doctor that does that removal: how do you bill? Anything with an obvious paper trail, like a credit card or check, is going to be right out. “Hello, Citibank? I'd like to dispute these charges. I was never there.” Anything without a paper trail, like cash or money order, is going to be odd, unusual, and just plain strange for dollar amounts that I would expect something like that to cost. Really, if I withdraw several grand in the form of a money order, I would be a little confused and concerned if I did not remember the incident or reasons behind it when I got my bank statement.

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