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So, it seems there is not an official DTD or XSD for RSS2 according to Google. At any rate there is now a Syndicated Go Fetal and a Syndicated To-Don't for those with RSS newsreaders.

After several days, I finally got out of the house today! Woot. I think the fastest I drove on any given road was 15 MPH. All of the roads seem pretty good now, but all of the parking lots are still nightmares. I did find out today that Portland does not salt the roads. This is good for the environment because the salt does not pollute rivers, streams, and water tables. Personally, I think this is even more cool because the salt does not corrode my car. It also seems that this is the first time Portland airport has been closed due to weather reasons. Also, I like the fact that UPS has a specific activity code that maps to “EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL.” I think this can also be mapped to “sorry dude, God does not want you having your package now.” Today, I was finally able to pick up some people food, some cat food, a space heater to help with the super-cold bathroom that had frozen pipes, a case of printer paper, and various sundries.

So far, Cracker is shaping up to be a very nice series from the BBC. You end up both loving and hating Robbie Coltrane's character. He is charismatic and smart, but also completely messed up on drinking and gambling. Also, the DVD packaging is pretty darn cool–like a mini-book.

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