“Like and equal are not the same thing at all.”

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Yet another thing to check off on the list of pages to translate from diedrichs.org to adjectivenoun.org: Online Tarot. The rest involves implementing the user database, which won't exactly be fun. Well, yes it will, but it will be a lot of work.

Since I work at home and have a good view of the parking lot, today was all about helping people push their car through the snow. This morning, there was one car that nearly shredded its tires. The front got jammed in the snow, but being a rear-wheel drive, the rear wheels dug down to the asphalt and started spewing all sorts of smelly white smoke as the ground began to wear away the rubber of the tires. It kept impatiently spinning and spinning its tires, creating more and more smoke.

Does the cat in A Wrinkle In Time actually have a name? We hear the dog's name all the time, but the cat seems to be simply called a cat, without using a proper name.

I spent the entire day writing bits of a technical specification. The rest of the week and most, if not all, of next week will be much the same. While it is nice to have a spec, instead of seat-of-the-pants programming, it is not exactly fun to write. Plus, I see myself being shoehorned into a “project lead” position in this particular project. While I have been a project lead in the past, this particular situation might be a little funky. We will need to hire some employees and/or contractors, and with me being remote, it makes the hiring/interaction/getting-to-know-the-people really funky. I do not mind phone interviews so much, but I tend to be a little wacky and silly (just ask any previous coworker about the little plastic ninjas and the monkey obsession), and that does not always convey properly over email or conference calls. “Man! Do I need to talk to that crazy Ninja-Monkey guy in Portland AGAIN???” You cannot really have that fun and funny shared experience of throwing a bucketful of superballs down the emergency stairwell when you are 1,000 miles away.

The Strongbad Beanie is still out of stock. It has been that way for over a week. I really want one and can use one in this cold zone, but they still seem to be unavailable. On a similar note, my Pac-Man Beanie and Nightmare Before Christmas Beanie are currently “ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS DELAY; PKG MVMT WILL RESUME WEATHER PERMITTING.” You see, I kind of need a beanie because of the weather. In theory they arrive tomorrow, but in theory they should have arrived yesterday.

Oh, and Elliott Smith may have been a suicide and may have been a homicide.

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