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A few years back, I was on a bit of a Smores kick. This was shortly after discovering the magic of Smart and Final (“Fart and Smile”) for snacks to “share with the class” at work. While it is kind of cool to get peanuts, beef jerky, sour candy, and chocolate in bulk, most of it was given away to coworkers. At one point, a little mental equation popped into my head as I was browsing the aisles. Giant box of chocolate + giant box of graham crackers + giant back of marshmallows = a metric shitload of Smores.

Now, where to make them? Ruba (nee Grasshopper nee Rock 'n' Java) has natural gas powered heat lamps! It actually worked quite well, but at the time I was spending most of my time at Diedrich's and not at (the coffee shop then known as) Rock 'n' Java. D's had no easy to reach heat source, so I came up with a creative alternative: a Sterno can!

While, in theory, a Sterno can would make a great heat source for toasting marshmallows, in practice, there were a few flaws in the plan. The main flaw was that every marshmallow ended up tasting like Sterno, which pretty much killed the whole idea.

So why the big story? I was looking at my Amazon “Gold Box” today and they had to offer an indoor/outdoor Smores grill. It is basically the same thing, only the Sterno can is held in a more fancy device (rather than sitting in the center of the mesh metal tables) and there are holders for your ingredients. I would be willing to bet it has the same flaw–I doubt the little metal screen between the can in the marshmallows does much to block the pungent alcohol flavor of Sterno.

THE FUNNIEST THING! The sun is reflecting off of the tags on the kitties' collars and on to the floor and walls. The kitties are chasing it, much like they chase a laser pointer. Of course, they cannot catch it because every time they move to chase it, the collar/tags shift position which causes the blip of light to move in a random direction. Here is your stick. Here is your carrot. Of course, everything else they have done this morning has not been cute but loud, destructive, and concentration-breaking.

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