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Lots of randomness since my last post:

Feedle stopped by on his roadtrip back from Seattle. I would have liked to have had more spare time. I do not have a lot of spare time during the day because of work, so only really got to hang out last night. We visited the local Fry's and got to try out a new restaurant (well, new to us) called Stanford's. It is not cheap, but not too expensive, and has a great many tasty things. I got some dungoness crab stuffed prawns with garlic mashed potatoes, one of the tastiest side-salads I have ever had, a piece of moist bread covered in a thick layer of cheese, and a lemon half covered in a little sock thing (so that the seeds do not get in your food). Tasty, tasty, good.

The QA guy has cvs access. This is good because he is artistic and can update icons and things (instead of us using craptacular stock icons). This is bad because he was told to change some code. I find it very sad that it took twice as long for one of the higher-paid programmers in the company to fix the QA guy's code than it took for the QA guy to actually write the code in the first place. Letting out aggression in cvs comments can be therapeutic.

Lately, I have been perfecting a new lunchtime invention. I call it the “pizza sandwich.” The recipe goes something like this: Go to your local service deli and get as many kinds of cheese as you can, sliced for a sandwich. Suggestions include: cheddar, gouda, provolone, muenster, and mozzarella. Buy or bake some nice thick bread like sourdough. Start to make a (grilled) cheese sandwich with all the cheese. Before placing the top piece of bread, take a jar of spaghetti sauce and put some nice large dollops on it, then place it on the sandwich. Insert the whole thing in a toaster oven and toast as dark as desired. The next step is to try additional “pizza toppings” in there like sliced olives and mushrooms.

Why is it that most speed limit signs end in 5 (25, 35, 55, 65 MPH), but most dashboard speedometers end in 0 (10, 20, 30, 40 MPH)? Wouldn't it make sense to adjust the markings on speedometers so that it is easier to see the tick-marks that correlate to useful speeds like the speed limits?

One of the differences between Portland and Orange County: spiders. There really are not as many spiders in the house (and those that are end up with the misfortune of becoming a live-action kitty toy), but the difference is outside. I typically see between one and eight gigantic, beautiful spider webs in the morning on the way out to the car. Yesterday, three large spiders (thick bodies and big legs, each spider was about the size of my entire thumb) took roost up by the porch light. I am guessing that dinner was not so great since today two of them moved elsewhere.

Another difference: the smell. On good days, the OC does not smell like much of anything, unless you are near the beach. On bad days, it is smog filled. Up here, you tend to get random mixtures of forest-type smells (pine and other trees, a pleasant mild smell of moist organic material like bark and plants, etc) on good days, and not much smell on bad days.

Today the UPS man arrived with a package. I've got a present! I've got a present!. The card is so cute that I have been smiling for hours.

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