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Personal Update
I have not really put an update in here for awhile, so I will post a brief personal update:
Saturday, I was treated to dinner by Kate and some lesbians.
Sunday, I spend time softening my beans.
Monday, Tuesday and to some extent today, I have been sick–not waking-dead sick, but not fully functional either.

Request for Musical Help
So, I'm one of those people that when asked “what kind of music do you like?” will respond with “everything but country and [most] rap.” I like jazz, but my tastes are not yet refined enough to say which performers I specifically like (other than the big ones that everyone has heard of like Louis Armstrong). Now, what I am looking for are suggestions: jazz you like, jazz you think I might like, etc. Personally, I tend to like things along the lines of Dixieland and Big Band, and music with clarinets–but I am really open to anything. Extra bonus points if suggestions are on iTunes.

Also, I am looking for suggestions in the piano realm. While I am okay with classical music (especially the “big” pieces that everyone has heard countless times before), I really like stuff that is strictly piano–no orchestras or chamber music. I think part of that is respect–after eight years of lessons I could mechanically read music and lifelessly render piano pieces on the ivories, but I am still in awe of people who can perform actual magic on the piano. Does anyone have any suggestions in this ream–classical or otherwise? (A month or two ago, I picked up the Christopher O'Riley covers of Radiohead which were certainly not classical, but still excellent piano work). Again, bonus points if I can find it on iTunes!

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